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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Hightower explains it succiently

My beloved city was the target of the infamous redistricting fight that caused Texas Democrats to flee rather than stand by while Republicans deliberately disenfranchised the voters of the very city they work in. Hightower cuts through the bullshit and explains how silly the new district lines are.
Here's a map to show you where they thought a good place to draw a district line would be. Yep, it is what it looks like. Right through our city. Notice how close the university is and how a line like that might split up the student vote. In fact, if you live in this city, you'll know that this central part of Austin is almost like a pinwheel, spreading liberal voters in every direction. And now, as Hightower explained, instead of voting with your friends who live a couple blocks away, you get to vote with neighborhoods where Austinites are usually described as "weird" or even "queer".
We don't even call it gerrymandering. It's Perry-mandering to us. But, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was too busy with his personal life to consider how rude it is to work to disenfranchise your neighbors.


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