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Sunday, August 22, 2004

It's not hatred, it's righteous anger

Matthew Yglesias jumps in.

Don't believe the hype. Ordinary people are not behind the Shrub. I made an oblique joke about him tonight and a bunch of strangers started trashing him. Openly.

Don't buy the lies, that "hating" Bush is some problem, some mental issue. He means to steal from you to enrich his friends. As Wanda Sykes has pointed out, you're better off getting mugged in the street. He means you harm. Treat him that way.

Him and his ilk should be slaveringly grateful for the "hate" that votes them out of office peaceably. In the past, the peasants were less pleasant when kicking the aristocrats out of power. They voted them out with shotguns, swords, and guillotines.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WORD. Molly Ivins's "Call me a Bush-hater" article from a while back sums all this up wonderfully as well.



Blogger Fred Vincy said...

You are exactly right that this is personal, and that Bush has made it so. And stealing is only part of it. His mad adventure in Iraq has made all of us -- and especially folks like myself who are often in New York -- more likely to be murdered, so you're damn right I take it personally.


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