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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Belated Friday random ten

Okay, I don't have an IPod, so I don't usually do this. But for some reason, I managed to get a random funtion to work on Windows Media Player with a HUGE file of MP3's I have stored, so this may be the first and last time I do this. What is it?

1) "Killing an Arab", The Cure
2) "Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA", Devo
3) "You're Gonna Miss Me", 13th Floor Elevators (from Austin!)
4) Some random song by 808 State, of which I cannot see the title
5) "We Are One", The Avengers
6) "Dance This Mess Around", The B-52's
7) "An Open Letter to NYC", The Beastie Boys (How much more appropriate can you get?)
8) "I'm in Love Today", The Boyfriends
9) "Mary, Mary, So Contrary", Can
10) "Fucked Up Ronnie", D.O.A

Once again I am contrite about being stuck in the 80's. Sort of. Considering that Bush is probably worse than Ronald Reagan, why the fuck isn't our angry punk rock better?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Coup- Dig It
Sleater-Kinney- The Drama You've Been Craving
Outkast- Bombs Over Baghdad
Hank Williams III- In the Jailhouse Now
Atari Teenage Riot- Revolution Action
No WTO Combo- New Feudalism
Gil Scott Heron- Whitey on the Moon
Sisters of Mercy- Dance on Glass
Adam Ant- Friend or Foe
Les Yeux Noirs- Balamouk



Blogger Bazz said...

Hmmm... check out

Pretty much anything by F-Minus
The Distillers "Sick of it All"
The Fallout "Talkin' Punk Rock Civil War" (any punk song that starts with a clip of Pete Seeger is fine by me)

Just a few off the top of my head.


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