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Friday, September 10, 2004

A memorial to September 10, 2001

Nice little reminder via The Sideshow.

I remember where I was September 10th. I had to work that day, but that night I went to The Parlour to hear some music, eat pizza, and drink beer with friends at an early show. I spent the night at my boyfriend's house (yes, same one). Not a whit different from any other Monday for months. Parlour Mondays were a bit of a tradition by that point.

Funny I remember that, now that I think about it. If it weren't for that fact, I doubt I would remember where I was September 10th.


Blogger Jeff (no, the other one) said...

9/10/2001, I went for a run after work. The moon was huge that evening, and a thunderstorm was moving in from the south. As the lightning flashed, I tried mom's ancient VHS camcorder, but it didn't seem to do so well in the failing light. After a few minutes, the batteries quit. Oh well.

Maybe 8 months later, I played that tape, having forgotten the whole thing, and the date stamp hit me right away.


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