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Thursday, September 09, 2004

A question I've been wondering about, too

Why the hell has Ed Schrock's behavior not garnered more media attention? Against gays in the military, though he was gay in the military, and against gay marriage makes him a perfect target for a hypocrite-hanging if ever there was one. He's not exactly resigning, either. He's just not running for a third term. How much other "family-values" legislation will this man get to vote on while sleeping with men behind his wife's back? (I'm guessing maybe the fucking around will slow down a little now that he's embarrassed her enough.)

This deserves as much attention as Governor McGreevey's behavior. I'm not sure why the party that wants a flashlight shined by cops in every bedroom thinks their members should be exempt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

50 governors. 435 US Representatives.

The Gov. stated his sexual orientation in a press conference, so there is no ambiguity there. The Rep. has remained silent, and the key evidence is a tape that is said to sound like him, but lacks other useful identifying information such as his real name, an origin from his home phone or office phone, a forensic voiceprint analysis, etc. Also supporting are some rumors of sightings at gay venues, but noone has sworn an affidavit.

The Gov. had a rumored blackmail on his hands, which extended the news cycle for a few days. The Rep. didn't.

Now we all know that his failing to run again pretty much makes the Schrock allegations true, since if there were no substance and no prior rumors, he could have played martyr effectively. But arguing from a negative often makes news organisations leery.



Blogger Amanda said...

Good point. I'm sure the rumors were flying about McGreevey, too, but people probably relished them less since he wasn't openly fighting gay rights or anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schrock was targeted for outing by a gay political activist blogger (Mike Rogers) specifically for Schrock's many anti-glbt votes. By the way, that blogger apparently goes to the politician and tells him what's about to go down and gives him some time, weeks not months, to do the right thing and be honest.

McGreevey was being blackmailed by his former lover, and McGreevey made a pre-emptive strike by outing himself. Blackmail dissolved into thin air, and lover fled to Israel to play straight for his parents. Now McGreevey might join the chorus of governors by renaming himself McGrafty - his lover was on the government payroll at some time, and some of the Gov's supporters were the usual sleazy businessmen out for a favorable financial deal (as seems to be the case with 50% of govs these days). But he was not governing anti-gay. Therefore he was not a candidate for the Mike Rogers/Mike Signorile outing tactic.



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