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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bringing on the funny

James Wolcott, who is genuinely funny on a regular basis, is on my blogroll now. By way of introduction, he takes a couple potshots at one of my favorite targets, the people who think that they can actually spearhead a "return to modesty" for women only, of course, by way of discussing the sisters Shalit.

I did have a few interfaces with her sister, Wendy, whose ghost-pale and complexion and demure demeanor had older men splashing on the Aqua Velva and lining up to "mentor" her. Her doll-like features and little-girl voice brought out the Humbert Humbert in them (who was it who pointed out that an anagram of Humbert Humbert was "rub them rub them"?).

Wendy had begun her precocious career reporting from the slut trenches of college for Commentary, soon becoming the magazine's most promising starlet since Fernanda Eberstadt. With the publication of A Return to Modesty , she seemed to be on her way to a wonderful career appearing on panels and talkshows and carnival rides.

I happen to whole-heartedly agree that the majority of people, especially men, who are screaming for "modesty" are actually just asking women to fall in line with their own sexual fantasies. Don't be shy--you know what I'm talking about. Virgin-ravishing and all.


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