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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Snobs and Bush-hating

Matthew Yglesias has a great post on people who think Bush-hating is just so much elite snobbery.

I don't dislike Bush because I'm a snob. Bush is my social better. He's an old-line WASP, my dad's a nouveau riche half-Cuban half-Jew. I went to Harvard, but he's better-educated than I am (Yale and Harvard Business School) and was in Skull & Bones. His summer house in Maine is in Kennebunkport, my family's summer house in Maine is on the Blue Hill peninsula. Now perhaps I'm motivated by envy of the Bush family and its social graces; perhaps my distate for the man is the resentment felt by an arriviste for the true aristocrats. Perhaps, perhaps.

I agree completely. My loathing of the man comes straight out of a lifetime of having to deal with rich, smirking assholes just like him who clog up my otherwise beautiful state. Drawling, mean, wimpy rich boys who run around like they own the place, lording their entitlement over mere women, working people, and racial minorities. If that makes me a snob, so be it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. I'm SICK of being called a snob for not liking Bush--someone more powerful and with more social acceptance than I have. My parents are immigrants and I'm female and non-white--don't call me a snob for disliking someone who struts around callously abusing the power he has over my life, mmmmkay?



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