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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

TV watching and getting busy

Expect to see this trumpeted all over the place from here to eternity: Study links TV to teen sexual activity.

I'm a little suspicious. I'm not even getting into the chicken and egg discussion on this. (Though I will say that I didn't watch much TV or get much "sexual activity" as a teen, either, but mostly because I was bookish. Make of that what you will.) But I will say that there's already a major flaw in this entire report:

The survey did not break down the amount of sexual exposure in terms of hours per week or percentages of material viewed, Collins said in an interview.

It did find that the 10 percent of those who watched the most television with sexual content were twice as likely to have initiated sexual intercourse when checked a year later than adolescents who were among the 10 percent who watched the least amount of sexual content.

Is it too much to ask that they give us numbers so we have some idea of what "watching more sex on TV" might mean?


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