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Friday, September 10, 2004

News from the war on drugs

MS sufferers are a new group that hates God and country and just wants to get high, whining that it gives them relief.

Luckily, there is an upswing in patriotism in the younger generation. More and more kids are turning away from wicked drugs that make you laugh at "South Park" or dance endlessly to music that annoys their elders while wearing pants so big you could fit a kindergarten class in them. Instead, they are following the lead of our Great Leader and using drugs that best facilitate date rape situations.

"It is encouraging news that more American youths are getting the message that drugs are dangerous, including marijuana," HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson said in a statement.

More importantly, it is good news that in their haste to turn away from wicked drugs, they did not leave behind those made by campaign contributors.

Misuse of three painkillers -- Vicodin, Lortab and Lorcet -- rose from 13.1 million to 15.7 million. Similarly the number of people who said they had ever misused narcotic painkillers such as Percocet, Percodan, or Tylox rose from 13.1 million to 15.7 million people.

Once again, I am amazed that the government can get people to sit down to interviews where they are asked how many drugs they do and they get any answers except, "Drugs? I don't know what you're talking about."


Blogger PusBoy said...

I gotta be honest, I dont't know what the big deal about vicodin is. Got a scrip after some recent surgery, and it just made me drowsy. I was really expecting to get f'd up, what with Eminem and Brett Favre and all.


Blogger Amanda said...

Beats me. Maybe people just like being out of it, I guess. Or maybe it kills the pain inside. ;)


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