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Monday, October 25, 2004

Austin for Kerry

If you live in the Austin area, there is going to be a fun event tomorrow night to demonstrate that while Texas will be going for Bush that doesn't mean that there aren't millions of Texans who will be fruitlessly voting for Kerry. The event is called Bring Bush Home Rally and Rampage and it's run by Austin4Kerry. Here's the details from their site:

We may not be a battleground state, but we can show the world that MILLIONS of Texans are fed up with Bush and ready for him to come back to Crawford for good! And maybe we can throw a little bad juju on Bush's ol' stompin' grounds.

When: Tuesday, October 26th (one week before the election!) 6:00pm -- March begins at 6:30 Downtown pub-crawl to follow!

Where: Waterloo Park Parking Lot Southeast corner of the park off 12th Street – across from the Brick Oven. Lots of free parking at state garages starting at 6pm!

Let's show our strength in numbers -- there are probably more Kerry supporters in Austin than voters in Wyoming--they get 3 electoral votes, we don't get shi*, except a chance to make some noise and show our outrage!

Please bring SIGNS, BANNERS, MEGAPHONES, etc. Also, please forward this to everyone! We want to make a huge splash people…!

This being the Halloween season, politically-themed COSTUMES encouraged.

For more information, or to volunteer call Texans for Kerry at 512.453.5329!!

I'm shy (sure), so I will be wearing my normal clothes. Hopefully, I'll remember my camera so that you non-Texans can get an eyeball of the sheer numbers of Austin liberals that do exist.

It looks like what we'll be doing is walking from the park downtown and ending at Antone's, where there will be a benefit show called the Red State Blues. It's $20, and for blues fans it looks to be a lot of fun. Here's the line-up, from the site:

Jimmy LaFave * Marcia Ball * Guy Forsyth * Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison * Shawn Colvin * Joe Ely with David Grissom, Jimmy Pettit, and Davis McLarty
So, even if you can't go to the rally, go to the show, drunken blues fans. But if you can go to the rally, do. It's critical to future arguments against the electoral college that people see the huge numbers of voters who don't get much of a say in who is the next President because of this outdated system. Also, it couldn't hurt to let the stoners and slackers of Austin see some living proof that fun, cool people do get off their couch once in awhile for a cause they care about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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I was searching for Elvis and somehow ended up in your blog, but you know I'm sure I saw Elvis in the supermarket yesterday.

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