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Friday, October 22, 2004

Friday night musician blog

The third member of my unholy trinity of rabid New Order/Joy Division fans is here again this weekend to stay with us, and he and my boyfriend were recording themselves playing all damn afternoon, the results of which I currently get to listen to. Anyway, they started breaking into "Radio Transmission" by Joy Division, a song known to send me into reveries, and made me decide on who to blog about tonight.

As everyone knows, the lead singer of Joy Division, Ian Curtis, hung himself and that was the end of that band. And, just as famously, they got back together, put Bernard Sumner on the vocals and became the wildly popular New Order. Less famous is the fact that they had to add a band member to round out the sound, and they added a keyboardist named Gillian Gilbert. Gilbert is damn near the definition of the unsung back-up musician--she never reached for more than filling in, and her band mates from Joy Division get most of the credit for the New Order sound, and deservedly so. She's no longer with them, and I suppose it was easy enough to replace her.

But.... Joy Division was a punk rock band and New Order was one of the bands that ended up giving birth to the second wave of dance club music after disco that is called everything from the cloying "electronica" to "rave" to whatever the fuck you want to call it to sound cool. There were a number of reasons their sound evolved, but no small part of it was because they replaced a guitar with a keyboard and introduced "synthesized" sound to the mix. For all her modesty and shyness or whatever, Gilbert is an important member of one of the most popular and influential bands in history, and for that reason she should not fade into complete obscurity.


Blogger Ross A Lincoln said...

Oh, I just found out that apparently, she didn't leave by bad blood, she's actually married to New Order and Joy Division drummer Stephen Morris, and they have a band together called The Other Two.


Blogger Amanda said...

Huh--that's good to know. Any couple that hangs in that long cheers me up. I mean, I know she was brought in in the typical get the girlfriend to pick up an instrument fashion and was a bit concerned she was crassly kicked out due to a divorce when I saw some recent concert footage. But my boyfriend said, nah, I think she really doesn't like all the attention.


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