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Friday, October 22, 2004

Keeping his mouth shut

Ezra at Pandagon is amazed that Bush is taking a mini-vacation this close to the election. Actually, I'm reminded of that Chris Rock routine where he tells men that a woman decides if she's gonna fuck you right away. But that a lot of men open their mouths and fuck it up.

At this point, nearly half the voters have decided to vote for the Shrub, god help us. That's plenty enough to call a victory with a little help from the fascist vote suppressors and young men who don't want to go to war but would love to beat up some Democrats who want fair vote counts. Their only liability is their candidate--there's an off-chance he will open his mouth and say something profoundly stupid and fuck it up. I'll bet the members of CRAP (Committee to Re-Appoint the President) wish they could find a way to keep his mouth completely shut from now until November 2nd.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vacation, or an october surprise trip to "Iraq"?


Blogger Chlora said...

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