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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

This weather is about to kill me

It has been non-stop rain and clouds for a long, long time now. Oh, the sun breaks through occasionally, but it's not really enough to lighten anyone's mood. And now it's just storming constantly, as this article in today's Statesman goes into further detail on. I can't decide if the sky is mourning or punishing. It's tempting to say punishing, since the counties that are in the greatest danger from the flooding all voted for Bush, but c'mon! Travis county voted for Kerry and we are soaking wet, too. At least it's warm--pushing 70 degrees most days.

The warmth sort of sucks the spirit out of all the holiday stuff that could make the season seem a little cheerier. Usually I thrill at seeing the displays in the grocery store with the Santas and elves, not for the Santas and elves but for all the really yummy holiday food in the displays. All the wines and cheeses out on display is usually enough to give me a warm fuzzy. And since the store borders Hyde Park, they have a huge supply of wine and cheese to satisfy the yuppie contigent. Really, it's heartening.

So obviously I'm a little down in the dumps. The only solution is to find someone to make fun of.

Edited to add: This cheers me immensely. Go Ronnie! Go Ronnie! Man, sometimes I think about Tom DeLay having to stand trial for his criminal fund-raising and I get all warm and happy. DeLay has been subjecting the rest of the country to Texas politicians' lack of ethics when it comes to fund-raising and it's making us look bad. Now he's learned the second rule of Texas politics--Republicans aren't the only ones with tenacity.


Blogger gone_1 said...

Same weather in DFW. Although, for an odd reason, cold, rainy weather gets me more in the holiday spirit than sunny days. Call me weird...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was stuck in New Braunfels for six hours yesterday because of flooding. And I didn't even get upset since I'm so depressed from the constant rain that it didn't seem that much worse than whatever I would have been doing elsewhere. Fortunately the rainy weather looks to be over now so I can go back to what passes for normal for me.


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