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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Echidne doesn't have the stomach for it. Luckily, I'm a morbid fucker.

The idea behind napalm is that it's a slow-burning version of gasoline. The government makes it with gasoline and liquid rubber. You can make it at home by using a semi-retardant substance like styrofoam (according to the Anarchist Cookbook) or even common laundry detergent (according to my friends). Mix your substance with gasoline.

The idea behind napalm is that it's more painful than merely setting someone on fire. Cover them with sticky substance that burns slowly so that it melts into their flesh, causing maximum pain and suffering before death. As far as I can tell, there is no good reason to use napalm. The human fireballs described in this story make it sound nicer than it is. It's better to die by going up in a fireball than it is to die from the slow burn of napalm.

Napalm is a cheap weapon, so cheap that you can make it. Right now, no trip to the grocery store necessary. We spend billions of dollars in weaponry every year and we resort to this, if that is what we do.

Like Echidne, I hope this is not true. There is no reason, no excuse, no humanity behind the use of this weapon.

A lot of people suffer from thinking of the young and innocent suffering. This causes me pain. But the thing that wakes me up in the middle of the night with nightmares is the pain of those who have some life under their belts. I can imagine what it would be like to have the ripping pain bearing into my flesh and grasping for those memories I hold--nights of love, sunny days, family hugs, meals with friends--hanging onto those things for one last second before those memories disappeared forever in a torrent of pain. That makes me not sleep at night. Please, please don't be true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earlier in the war, the US admitted to using "firebombs" which are "remarkably similar to napalm weapons".


Last week in Falluja, reporter Dahr Jamail claimed that from the refugges he interviewed, the thinks that the US is not using napalm but phosphorous weapons, which also sound very similar to napalm.


I'm not trying to be all tech-y, I'm just pointing out that we're likely to hear the government deny using "napalm"-- which will be technically true-- even though they're using another substance which is virtually the same thing.



Blogger Amanda said...

It's amusing how they use all these different phrases to make what are really simplistic weapons sound all exotic. I'm sure that's all that "napalm" was supposed to do in the first place, distract people from the fact that it's just burning rubber and gasoline. New war, new euphemism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for being accurate about what napalm is. Most bloggers who are objecting to it's use are confusing it with chemical weapons. They're both horrific, but they aren't the same thing.


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