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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Ladies Night Redux

Pinko Feminist Hellcat is glad that Ladies Night is gone. She has a point--it is a way to bait women and then men into bars. But I would humbly point out that the places that have these drink specials are what one might delicately term "singles' bars". They are places that people go to cruise. Women will go wherever they and their friends figure they'll have the most fun. Men go wherever they think there will be women. All drink specials in these places are just silly. I went out with a girlfriend in El Paso once to one of these places and the theme was Singles Who Mingle. I'd rather have Ladies' Night over that, but only by a slim margin.
Anyway, minor thing. The bars have to find a way to appeal to women directly, and they'll just have to get more clever about it. But the article that she links to, well, blegh:

If alcohol were not involved, would women ever sleep with men? Our entire nation was, again, given a chance to ponder this vital question last week when New Jersey's Division of Civil Rights ruled that "Ladies' Night" bar promotions violate the state's anti-discrimination law.
At first glance, you might wonder why the state would go after Ladies' Night, a time-honored tradition which encourages women to go to bars because they get to drink at greatly reduced prices, which then draws men to the same bars because they get to hit on drunk women.

Did I just stumble into an article from a smirky 1960's Esquire piece on how to "trick" pretty women into bed? I love how the presumption is that the drink specials exist so that women get stupid and drunk and clever men, who apparently aren't affected by alcohol and swarm in for the kill. So the drink specials are really just a clever conspiracy of men finding ways of tricking women into bed? The owners put the drinks on special as a favor to their male customers?
No, it's an economic decision. The model isn't one where clever men get one over on women. It's one where men go where the women are. So the owners, who want money from both men and women, attract the women and the men will follow. My guess is that bar owners are also hoping that higher the percentage of the crowd is female, the less likely the men will get drunkenly aggressive. Well, there's always hoping.
It seems places that offer entertainment usually don't feel any special need to pull female patrons in, because both male and female patrons come for the entertainment. Sure, there's cruising, but in Austin, cruising is the number one activity everywhere you go. Really, it's funny. I have seen guys chase down girls that were just walking along the sidewalk on campus to tell them they like their shoes. But I've never been in a place that has drink specials for women, because that's not their draw.
But as for places that have Ladies' Night, it's really not about getting women drunk so they'll sleep with men. It's about getting women's money and then charging a higher price for men, which they will tolerate because they like having alot of women around. It's all about the money.


Blogger BlondeSense Liz said...

You're darn right. I used to go to ladies night bars because it was cheaper. duh. I guess men go to ladies night cause there are women there. The bars I go to now that don't have ladies night's have mostly men there.. but that's cool too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went alone to a night club many-many moons ago unknowing that it was ladies night just prior to my visit. I didn't know what ladies night was. Many beautiful women were dancing on the elevated floors looking down at me like they were wanting something out of me. There wasn't a guy around with the exception of the announcer and I. Would you believe I ran out of there? Sooo funny. I have since lost my virgin chains and become quite the ladies man.


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