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Monday, June 07, 2004

Reducing the vote to "real" Americans

The Sideshow is right. It's not just a verbal tic when Republicans make statements about the desirability of removing non-white people from the voter rolls. It's a reflection of the belief that the only "real" Americans are white. Think about how the Shrub said that "some people" don't think that Iraqis can handle democracy because they "don't look like us". Oh really? They don't? That statement only makes sense if you think that "us", i.e., Americans, don't have darker skin.
Now that it's rapidly becoming acceptable to fantasize about removing non-white voters from the rolls, it's time to float the idea of taking away women's suffrage. Via World O'Crap.


Blogger Avedon said...

Thank you, that was exactly my reaction when he said the Iraqis "don't look like us." As it happens, it wouldn't surprise me at all if my brother got beat up by someone who thinks he's an Arab. (I'm really glad he shaved his beard off.) My sister is sometimes mistaken for black ("She can pass"). And I've spent my whole life being asked if I'm Greek, Italian, Jewish, whatever - something not-quite "us". I couldn't help thinking, "Speak for yourself, white man."



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