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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The shamelessness continues

Remember how Wellstone's memorial was supposed to be a disgrace because a couple of people mentioned his politics? Good thing Bush isn't doing that at all with Reagan's death. For instance, here's a nice little non-explotative lemail I got from his campaign. (Well, technically Max Power, my Republican cat got it.)

Dear Max,

With the passing of President Ronald Reagan, one of our country's great leaders, our nation remembers the historic accomplishments of our 40th President. Many of us are also reminded of the impact that President Reagan's optimistic stewardship of our nation had on our lives and the lives of our families. We have created a living memorial on our website,, where we invite you to share your thoughts and memories. Your entries will be posted alongside many others to form an online tribute to President Reagan.

Go to to participate in the living memorial.

Well, luckily, they have invited prominent Democrats to speak at his memorial in order to avoid making it seem like Reagan died so they could score cheap political points. Oops, I'm sorry. That's not what they did at all.