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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Sorry I won't be what you want me to be

There are few things more exhausting that a conservative whining because a liberal won't conform to the conservative stereotype of liberalism. Right now after the Gipper's death we all get to hear quite a bit of that whining. I got sniped at because I made a tame joke about Reagan's death, and accused of not being "compassionate" enough, which would have almost made sense if a)I hadn't just said that I feel sorry for anyone with Alzheimer's, especially considering how we have lost a family member to it and b)if "compassionate" was spat out in that pitch-perfect conservative sneer that made it clear that "compassion" is a liberal weakness, a tendency to whine and feel sorry for everyone when we're supposed to only care about eldery Republican ex-presidents.
This commentor on Trish Wilson's blog is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

I think you are the idiot snoz You people are just the most perfect people in the world arent you. do you make fun of everyone that doesnt meet your high standards? thats not a very politically correct way of thinking is it?

This person is offended that people were making fun of Bush's stupidity. He/she seems to be under the impression there is a Liberal Rule that we can't make fun of people and we're hypocrites who are violating our own rules when we make fun of him. You know, sort of like when Republicans talk about family values while divorcing Wife #3 to marry their young campaign staffers. That would be a good point if humorlessness was actually a liberal value, which it's not, and nor has it ever really been stated that way.
Nope, the humorless liberal and political correctness are straw men invented by Limbaugh-ites to make people feel like they are daring renegades for supporting a political system that disenfranchises actual renegades and pretty much anyone who isn't a rich man. And it's a little strange to get bent out of shape because other people won't conform to a stereotype you need to believe so you can hate them.
Liberals aren't politically correct, whatever that means, and humorless. Flip on The Simpsons or The Daily Show and that flimsy stereotype falls apart. And as for this imaginary wave of "political correctness", think about artists, musicians, whoever that is irreverant and pushes the envelope. Yep, irreverent people tend to tip to the left if anything. It's not hoardes of liberal hippies who are asking for any controversial images or ideas, particularly those regarding the war or sexual issues, to be scrubbed off TV and out of the radio.
Contrary to what this commentor and other people who get hopping mad when a liberal makes a joke that offends them, we don't sign a card swearing that we will make sure our comments are always "politically correct" at all times. In this last week alone, I have made 3,496 mean jokes, and yet I still retain my right to vote for the Democrats.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Hunt and Fish said...

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