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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A fable

I got this silly Christian teen website in my email today. Surfing around it, I came across this strange little story that was the beginning of an article.

The Book of Romance by Tommy Nelson tells of a man who visited a community of people who lived by a river. As evening approached, the man was invited to sit down by the river and enjoy a cool beverage and then dinner with the people. While they ate calmly and pleasantly, a 14-foot crocodile suddenly came up out of the river, chomped off the arm of the man sitting closest to the riverbank and then slipped silently back into the dark waters. The people were alarmed and shocked, but they recomposed themselves.
Those closest to the man bandaged him up the best they could and transported him to medical assistance. Then they resumed their eating, drinking and conversation — picking up right where they left off without any discussion of the incident.
The visiting man was horrified that the evening continued as if nothing had happened. Each time he tried to mention the tragic and violent act, someone in the group quickly changed the subject. He made one final attempt to bring up the incident. "A man just lost his arm to an enormous crocodile that came suddenly out of the river. Didn’t you all see that, or was I imagining things?" Someone in the group replied, "Yes, I saw what happened. A number of people are attacked by crocodiles each year in our community."
The man then looked closer at the group and, sure enough, he spotted people who were missing hands and feet, fingers and ears. "Can’t you do anything about the crocodiles?" he asked.
Another in the group replied with embarrassment clearly written on his face, "It is impolite in our culture to talk about crocodiles."

As I should have guessed, the rest of the article is about how a Christian man should deal with the urges that he might have when he contemplates female bodies.
Of course, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That made me think "vagina dentata."



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