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Friday, August 13, 2004

The big gaping silent hole

Sounds like norbizness's house might have the same common sound that you will hear oh-so-frequently around mine. Hardly a week goes by without the sound of a newspaper rattling madly as it's slammed shut followed by a big huffing sigh and always the same phrase, "God I wish we still had Bill Hicks around. I can only imagine what he would say about this."

Hicks loathed Bush I, saw him as a blood-sucking opportunistic war-monger, which of course he was. But of course Bush I is a fucking angel compared to his son, who apparently doesn't see the problem with telling little old ladies that they better give as much money as possible to the drug companies, or the terrorists will kill them. Luckily, his stuff from the time of the first Gulf War will do in a pinch, as many of the jokes work quite well this time around. I'm particularly fond of stealing his joke about being in a tough spot, because he supports the war, but not the troops.

Of course, a lot can change in a decade and there's no telling what kind of material Hicks would be performing if he were still alive. But still, it's a big comfort to listen to his stuff and realize that it's okay to be angry, that you can be angry and still be funny and decent, in fact if you have any brains and heart at all then you should be angry because, right now, shit just isn't right.


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