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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Doesn't seem all that inconsistent to me

Here's a funny article about a Southern Baptist college youth group that holds weekly meetings at Hooters. They're coming under some fire from other Christians, who seem to be under the impression that it's sending an inconsistent message. Personally, I don't see the inconsistencies. Hooters and the Southern Baptists have the same firm philosophy on a woman's role in life as a servant to men. Granted, the Southern Baptists tend to focus on the one-on-one servile relationship, where every woman has just one husband to report to, whereas the waitresses at Hooters have to wait on every person who comes in. But, considering that the group is a youth group and the young men in it don't have wives yet, I can see how this is a good substitute to practice their manly authority until they each get a woman of their very own to direct.

Single Focus, which has about 90 members, also holds a more traditional Bible study at a house each week, as well as mission trips and ski retreats, but Lamborn said the Hooters gatherings provide an option for people who wouldn't necessarily accept an invitation to a church.

I can imagine that a good number of men who might be attracted to the Southern Baptists' teachings on women's roles would still find actual church meetings themselves boring due to lack of scantily clad women to wait on them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reference to the article, it seems that they are using the informal atmosphere to recruit "waitresses and managers" to their cause, rather than to actually draw more single lonely baptists to "Bible study". Sounds like an agenda to me. : )


Blogger Amanda said...

Maybe it's a subtle and misguided outreach program. The good Christian boys get to ogle boobies and maybe they can show a girl how giving up waiting on people for money and just doing it for the glory of god and husband is a tempting sort of thing. And maybe she might even want to marry one of the boys who showed her the way.
But probably not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess they're easing up to their future of visting Atlanta strip clubs when in town for the Southern Baptist Convention (notorious).


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