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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Well, on the other hand, gays can marry

As long as it's a big ol' lie, as Gov. McGreevey's marriage demonstrates. Salon hits it directly on the nose today in an article by Dan Savage. As long as same-sex marriage is banned and gay men are encouraged to marry women they are likely to cheat on with men, then gays really are a "threat" to marriage.

But how does this state of affairs protect marriage from the homos, I wonder? If an openly gay man can get married as long as his marriage makes a mockery of what is the defining characteristic of modern marriage -- romantic love -- or if he marries simply because he despairs of finding a same-sex partner, what harm could possibly be done by opening marriage to the gay men who don't want to make a mockery of marriage or who can find a same-sex partner?

Bingo! To those who would condemn straight women to marriages with gay men, or even make the ridiculous argument that gay men make better husbands for straight women (since it's every woman's dream to have a sexual relationship with someone who closes his eyes and thinks of England), read this article. And hey, for those of us who already support genuine gay marriages, read it anyway. It's well-argued and funny to boot.


Blogger Tara said...

The "close eyes/England" thing is brilliant, especially because it sort of fits the traditional expectation that women should NOT have sexual appetites.


Blogger Elayne said...

Heh, and here I was going to say "Hey, the 'close your eyes and think of England' remark bothers me 'cause my (straight) husband's English!" :)


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