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Sunday, August 15, 2004

This is how the Taliban gets formed

It may save your life, but he can see your vagina! If I were this man's wife I would seriously consider purchasing him a speculum so he could see how "erotic" a pelvic exam is. Except it would destroy your sex life completely.

I still don't get how women can be the "special" sex when we are more common than men. To be exotic, doesn't something have to be rare? Anyway, this young man expounds on how since women are so "special", their shamefulness, I mean, beauty needs to be hidden. He doesn't really suggest what would be the properly modest dress, but my guess is that since he refers to women as "angels", he's thinking long white robes. Lovely as that idea is, burquas will probably end up having to do the job. Thanks to Pete for this last one.

Gosh, things would be so much easier if women just didn't have all that complex "specialness" down there, dontcha think? Maybe these guys have some ideas on how to make that a possibility.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wife should just ask how turned on he is by his prostate exam...


Blogger Astarte said...

Did you lose your virginity and THEN become a Born-Again Christian?! Are you the only girl in a crowd of virgins that doesn't have her hymen in-tact!?

Let us fix that pesky virginity problem for you, right away!


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