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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Ann Coulter watch

Ah, Steve Gilliard links to some classic Ann craziness. This week, Ann claims with a straight face that Reagan is pretty much the reincarnation of Christ, an opinion she's sure to regret when she finally passes through the gates of hell herself to meet up with her movie-star-cum-President idol.

Ann is always running around making a big stink out of the fact that she is pro-life. I suppose to conservatives this is really soothing, because it shows that it's possible for a single, sexually active woman to still be pro-life. However, they're putting their faith in the wrong woman on this one, as she probably starved the life out of her uterus a long time ago. Just a guess on my part, but if she starts making jokes about the fat, ugly, menstruating feminists, then we'll know for sure how far gone the starvation/cocaine diet is.

I know it's taking cheap shots to make fun of Ann Coulter and imply that she might have a cocaine addiction (I'm surprised more people don't wonder about it out loud--the paranoia, the unfunny jokes, the skinniness). But the scary thing is that she is taken seriously. More than that, she exemplifies exactly the many compromises conservatives make with themselves to believe their own bullshit. By coming out hard against sexual behavior she doesn't see as affecting her personally, she is able to distract from the way she actually lives her life. The thousands of little justifications that a hardcore conservative must make everyday are appallingly obvious in her.

Edited to add: As usual, World O'Crap smokes anyone else who tries the funny. Ann is caught claiming that a right only counts if you enjoy walking around with photographs of it in action. For a law student, she has a really poor grasp on the idea that freedoms in this country are usually seen as freedoms from. Abortion rights are the freedom from government interference in your medical decisions. You can't get good photos of freedoms from much of the time. How do you show a picture of someone not getting randomly searched by the police, for instance? A photo of a house, unmolested?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee, I just love it when she talks about how attractive she is.

On another note:

I read on DailyKos that that's going to have some MAJOR dirt.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I see Ann as more of a crystal meth kind of gal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was googling the phrase "dirt on Ann Coulter' because I have just had enough of her b.s. She reminds me of priviledged people who still have their looks.

Good comments here all around. As Ann is hopelessly old school in so many ways, I think she really is a coke snorting idiot who can't stop talking.

I found this link today as well. It's pretty bad, but funny in a passive/aggressive kind of way. See what you think.


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