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Saturday, November 13, 2004

My state may be red

But my eyes are blue (with red eye only from the flash). Posted by Hello

That's my first song off the All-Star Cat Blogging Country Record that I'm going to start recording any day now.

For those who don't read his blog regularly, Neal Pollack has been on a rampage lately denouncing the snotty anti-"red" states attitude that is emerging on the left. He hits on a bunch of points better than I would, since every time I make fun of what deserves being madefun of, which is "red" attitudes, everyone thinks I'm picking on the geographic regions that went for Bush. Neal does a better job, and is even gracious enough to point out that just because you're Republican doesn't mean you're evil. Just that you vote for evil people. So go read his blog.

I'm all for picking on conservatives, but just don't pretend that conservatism is a regional ailment. Positioning certain parts of the country as somehow morally superior to others is the nasty trick the right is pulling, and those on the left should rise above it. Plus, when you act like you're somehow superior for where you live, you are just confirming to us Middle Americans what Limbaugh & Co. are always telling us--that East Coast liberals look down on us hard-working folks. He's full of shit, but the message is sticking for a reason.

And here's one more goddamn map to remind everyone that the difference between how red and blue states voted isn't all that different, as low as less than 10% of voters in some cases. Considering the fact that Texas is awash in conservative propaganda and Bible-thumping, it is no small thing that 38% of us voted for John Kerry anyway.

I realize that it was cathartic for a couple days to spew anger at Middle America, but it's time to stop spewing and start thinking.


Blogger Eric V said...

I think what happened here is that something has snapped. While snobby and sactimonious attitudes exist on both sides of the political divide only one side is allowed to display such attitudes in public. As many have pointed out republicans can rant about 'Massachusetts Liberals' on national media - even in a Presidential debate , but when was the last time a Dem candidate used the words 'Texas reactionary' or 'Alabama Redneck' ? But his time I think the 'Massachusetts liberals ' are fed up of this one sided abuse and are striking back . You're right in saying that it's not fair but it was also inevitable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, I just found a fun paranoid story! I don't know if you've already read it or what, but anyway, it reminded me of some of the stuff you've been saying... a more famous way of doing that map is the purple America thingy. I find it slightly easier on the eyes than the half-red, half-blue individual states :^).

Julian Elson


Blogger Amanda said...

Damn--about that story--even in The Handmaid's Tale it was only monthly exams. It reminds me of a woman I worked with who told me about getting pregnant when abortion was illegal. She said she sat there night after night drinking red wine until she was drunk because she heard that worked. It didn't. She also had a friend who threw herself down the stairs, breaking bones but not miscarrying. There's a lot of dispute about how many abortions were performed every year when it was illegal, but my guess is they don't count the do-it-yourself ones.


Blogger zuzu said...

I agree with Eric. And welcome to having your state sneered at! We get it done by no less than the Preznit.

A friend of mine is leaving New York because, he says, he just can't hear people denigrating Texas anymore. I personally think he just hasn't been all that happy here, and he's rather selectively hearing this stuff and using it to justify his decision to return to Dallas.

Thing is, for all he's complaining about how New Yorkers talk about Texas, I never once heard him speak up about the way the Republicans talked --openly, sneeringly, and repeatedly -- about Eastern elites, Massachusetts liberals, San Francisco liberals, Hollywood types, or "money-grubbing" New Yorkers (thanks, Dennis Hastert!). And I haven't really seen much speaking up in the lefty blogosphere except among those who were being hung with those labels.


Blogger Amanda said...

It's wrong if either side does it, definitely. But the sneering at Texas isn't a brand-new thing, and a lot of my fellow Texans assume that the "East Coast liberals" do it beneath their breath all the time.

I agree completely that said East Coast liberals should defend themselves, but not by retaliation. For instance, if Kerry had turned to Bush during the debates when Bush sneered about the liberal senator from Massachusettes and said, "President Bush, can you explain what your problem is with the loyal Americans of my home state?", it might have made a huge difference.


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