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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Saturday night bands to see

Combined with female musician blogging. The bands to go see tonight in Austin are coming through on tour and will be playing at Emo's. First up is the bluesy garage rock two-piece band from Boston called Mr. Airplane Man. My friend Kiki and I are completely psyched about this, as we wanted to go see them at SXSW, but didn't make it. It's nearly impossible to see everything you want to at SXSW. We're just glad to get a second chance.

They are touring with Holly Golightly, so if we hang around that'll probably be a good show, too. Don't know if we will, though, since my boyfriend's got to work tomorrow. Holly has exactly one million records, so you can go through her catalog for a long time without exhausting it, for those of you who like to do stuff like that.