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Sunday, November 14, 2004

We may be screwed, but at least the gays and lesbians have it worse

I think that's part of the reasoning that goes into voting for a ban on same sex marriage, and this article from the NY Times just confirms that suspicion. (Via Feministing.) It's sad really. A lot of these people they interview voted for hate because their pastors told them to, but they know that you're supposed to be loving when you identify as a Christian, and the cognitive dissonance is startling.

Ms. Cramer said she had never had a gay neighbor but hoped that if she did, she would treat that neighbor with kindness and also "feel that at some point, after a good relationship were developed, that I could feel free enough to voice my beliefs."

At what point is a relationship good enough that you feel like it's a-okay to tell someone you voted to deny them their rights because they're a sinner? My guess is never.

This poor woman's thinking has been completely muddled by all this:

"Many Democrats I know are fearful about the economy, but I feel that if you go back to the basics, things will fix themselves," said Marla Krak, a mother of three who said she believed that homosexuality was a choice.

Is that what they're teaching in church now? That if you go back to the "basics", the economy will right itself? That if gays and lesbians live in fear again, then God will grant you a job to feed your children? Sticking with the "basics" of terrorizing black people didn't do much for the South's economy for 100+ years. I would reconsider this bit of reasoning.


Blogger The News Writer said...

Religion is a choice too.


Blogger Amanda said...

Well, the post I just finished above is about how I think the Christian right views Americans as the new Israel, so in a sense, they don't see "Christian" as a choice so much as a tribal identity that is synonymous with "American".


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