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Monday, December 13, 2004

Further signs of the apocalypse

Gwen Stefani, having finished her career sucking the lifeblood out of ska has moved onto desecrating New Order-style New Wave music. I know it's foolish to do so, but I'm really struggling with understanding why god, oh why, did Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner think playing on this song was a good idea? I mean, New Order has done some pretty cheesy stuff, but it was pure art compared to this piece of shit of a song.

And just because Freddie Mercury is most inconvienently dead doesn't mean the rest of Queen has to quit making money.

Queen is reforming and is planning a European tour next year with former Bad Company and Free lead singer Paul Rodgers. "I won't go into more details right now, but, barring accidents, Queen and Paul Rodgers will be on the road, pretty much for sure, around April 2005," guitarist Brian May wrote on his official Web site.

It's probably not just about the money. It must be an ego thing, a weak attempt to prove that Queen doesn't need Freddie to be Queen. I can't think of a clever way to say how stupid that really is. I am just frustrated.

What next? A remake of It's a Wonderful Life with Jim Carrey in the lead doing his Jimmy Stewart impression?


Blogger Anna in Portland (was Cairo) said...

Hi, I found this site from Alas, A Blog and you are a terrific writer. I love bad company and I love Queen -- but putting htem together is the world's worst nightmare come true. What is next. The styles are so completely different. I will expect Don Henley to join the Bee Gees next.



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