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Monday, February 14, 2005

Extremely random thoughts on romantic comedies

One habit I've been spared from developing is a love of romantic comedies, aka "chick flicks". They make me want to kill myself, particularly any with Meg Ryan in them, being oh-so-adorable and just a little but not too quirky. But pretty much all of them make me wildly self-conscious, because I am far from immune to wanting to believe in the fantasy. Who doesn't want some man to come out of the blue and see you as the wonderful gal you really are and sweep you off your feet? But then you get back to normal life and people who are just taking each other for granted and frankly, it depresses the hell out of me. So romantic comedies and me are not friends.

Romantic comedies make me sort of wish that the women's weepers would come back, especially the ones where everyone doesn't realize how much they really loved the heroine until she's passed. Well, okay I don't want them to come back because the mere thought of watching something like Beaches again makes me throw up a little in my mouth, but really, it just seems more satisfying to me to fantasize about how sorry everyone would be if you just disappeared rather than fantasizing that one day someone might really notice how great you really are. Of course, this all makes me think that a real blockbuster movie would combine the two elements--you know, instead of the heroine dying, she is carted off by John Cusack in a convertible, leaving behind her ungrateful husband and kids to gnash their teeth and wish that they had appreciated her while she was there. Of course, someone has probably already made this movie for all I know.

The romantic comedies that are exempt from my "kill 'em all" rule are the ones from the 30s and 40s where the hero and the heroine wear each other into love through endless teasing. That's just good, clean fun. True, it's just as much a fantasy as anything else--in real life, most people do not even befriend someone who rides their ass, much less fall in love with them--but at least in this fantasy there are some good jokes. And of course, there's sexual tension, which makes the romance far more believable than a story about why Wildly Romantic Men and Annoyingly Cute Girls simply have to be together. Annie Hall gets to live as well, because while it's classified as a romantic comedy, it's really more of a failed romance comedy. If you haven't had your own version of the spider scene happen at least once in your life, my friends, you don't know the weird ways of love.

If you want to be a romantic sucker this Valentine's Day, I recommend small, easy-to-manage bursts of romantic fantasizing. 'Tis a far, far better thing to enjoy a good love song rather than an insipid date movie. RJ at Night Light has a great suggestion list. He is my new hero for including "Amanda" by Don Williams, the one and only song with my name in it that I like. If Barry Manilow ever finds himself alone with me in a dark alley, I'm telling you now that he's gonna wish he had never written "Mandy".


Blogger Raznor said...

I dunno, I've always considered Elliott Smith's love songs and, more often, almost-but-not-quite-love-songs to be quite good. But for a nice almost completely love song but not quite but damn is it good, try "Say Yes" from Either/Or.

As for romantic comedies, I usually hate them because the formula is so obvious. Occasionally one rises above the rest and is awesome like The Tao of Steve or High Fidelity, or just complete day of the life type stuff with romance happening to occur like Can't Hardly Wait (aka a new generation's Dazed and Confused). Still, very few can hold a candle to Bringing up Baby with all the genius of Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Or you can always go for the dark side of love if you need to appreciate being single. I recommend Unfaithful for that.


Blogger Amanda said...

Dammit! I liked High Fidelity, too. One more on the approved list. My boyfriend hated it, though. It is a really formulaic romantic comedy, so I see his point. Plus, Cusack's character was a dick and so didn't deserve to have that woman come back to him. But I forgive all of this, because the soundtrack had Roky Erickson on it and I'm almost positive that the title and idea for the book/movie came from the Elvis Costello song "High Fidelity".


Anonymous Jennifer said...

"Of course, this all makes me think that a real blockbuster movie would combine the two elements--you know, instead of the heroine dying, she is carted off by John Cusack in a convertible, leaving behind her ungrateful husband and kids to gnash their teeth and wish that they had appreciated her while she was there. Of course, someone has probably already made this movie for all I know."

Not quite, but perhaps close? The end of Best Little Whorehouse In Texas features the sheriff with political ambitions carrying off his longtime girlfriend/whorehouse madam who's just had her place closed down after it got featured on television. She tries to break up with him (hence "I Will Always Love You") so he can go run for the legislature, he says, "I don't give a damn what people think," and voila, carrying ensues.



Blogger Roxanne said...

I'm partial to The Way We Were, but I think my husband hates it.


Blogger Roxanne said...

BTW: This new commenting system here is a 100% improvement.


Blogger Kenneth Rufo said...

Omg. Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail, the worst setup and resolution of any romantic comedy, at least any remotely modern romantic comedy. Tom Hanks bankrupts her, lies to her for a month, and she loves him for it. I wanted to rewind all the way to the roof in Sleepless in Seattle and throw both the bastards off.


Blogger ScottM said...

We watched Sliding Doors last night and enjoyed it; it's kind of a romantic comedy, but dark enough that you might enjoy it.

Of course, five minutes from the end of the movie my life was threatened and it looked like the couch was imminent, but I got a last minute reprieve.


Blogger Phila said...

The true horror of You've Got Mail is that it's a remake of Lubitsch's The Shop Around The absolutely magnificent movie that's pretty close to being the best romantic comedy ever (I consider My Man Godfrey to be more satirical, though I'm crazy about that one, too).

Anyway, Happy VD to one and all.


Blogger WookieMonster said...

Grosse Pointe Blank is the best romantic comedy ever (followed by the rest of John Cusack's movies). It left me wondering how you get a job as an assistant to a professional killer. Sign me up.

Of course that has nothing to do with the romantic-ness of it.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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