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Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday Random Ten--"Where is My Mind" Edition

Go get the directions from Lauren.

1) "Jocko Homo"--Devo
2) "Selfdestructo Bust"--Turbonegro
3) "I Can't Let Go"--Evie Sands
4) "That Boy of Mine"--The Sherrys
5) "Life of Crime"--The Weirdos
6) "Out of Control"--The Lime Spiders
7) "Magmaniac"--Giddy Motors
8) "Skank Bloc Bologna"--Scritti Politti
9) "Nuclear War"--Electric Six
10) "Lebanese Blonde"--Thievery Corporation


Blogger yami mcmoots said...

And yet, there are no Pixies in that playlist. How non-apropos.


Blogger Amanda said...

But it left you wondering where my mind is, so there you go.


Blogger ms. jared said...

where are the kitties> huh? where!!!(that tells you where my mind is. hee hee.

xoxo, jared


Blogger CassieLove said...

Hey! Found your blog when looking for stuff on Origin of Valentine's Day. Not quite what I was looking for, but a good read anyhow, so I thought I'd post a comment. Me and My Origin of Valentine's Day Site.



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