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Monday, February 07, 2005

Another quiz

You are You like drawing pretty pictures, and consider yourself to be quite the artist. You dislike cliches.  You think you are better than other artists.
Which Website are You?

Quizzes--at least they get some eye-catching graphics on my blog.

I will say that I can't draw squat. At all. I am devoid of any creative talents like drawing, playing music, acting, whatever. I can pretty much just crack wise and that's it.


Blogger misnaming resources said...

I was reading a radio blog club this mroning and couldnt figure out how to post this.

For the record, there is an awesome free blog service that uses wordpress instead of this which is more feature rich than these blogs and it is totally free. Hosting and all! If you want one or ten of them their link is

Anyway, thanks for letting us visit : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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