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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

NPR doesn't need this crap

Atrios has so more information about Barbara Hagerty and how NPR, believe it or not, has a freaky Jesus fundie for a religious reporter. Which would be fine if she did her job, but she is far too dedicated to traditional Christian values like not leaving Caesar's to Caesar, hypocrisy, and lying.
Atrios of course has great points about why this is such a big deal. I would just like to add that it concerns me very greatly that NPR is allowing someone so partisan and unethical onto the air. NPR is the last great bastion of news for people who their news uncensored and undistorted by conservative corporate interests. I know people will disagree with both sides, but I've always found NPR to be as even-handed as they could afford. Of course, this is considered horribly liberal to those who think anything other than right wing propaganda is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord, but for those of us who actually want to hear the news, NPR was okay.
But if they are going to let the right wing propanganda machine to take over and invent scandals, then we are in serious trouble. It's hard enough for really obsessive Americans like me to get a handle on the news. Imagine how bad it is for people who try to keep up but are hardly obsessed. My boyfriend is a good example. On top of working full-time, he's a musician and hardly has time to obsessively pick apart the news to figure out what's true and what's right wing propaganda. He's a smart guy, but a busy guy.
So he relies on NPR for his news. That's pretty much where he gets most of his information, listening to NPR on the radio to and from work. He also makes an effort to watch the news in the morning, but that's sort of a nightmare. This morning was a good example--he flipped on the TV because he wanted to know what was going on with this murder, etc. Fox News is reprehensible. On CNN, they had a talking head saying that some people might possibly think that a revenge cycle could possibly be starting but that's just an opinion and certainly a fringe opinion. On MSNBC, they were discussing if they would hurt BushCo's re-election campaign. On the Today Show, they were focusing on the family's grief. He said, "Argh! I just want to know what the fuck happened!"
I said, "Turn it to the BBC." Yes, we have digital cable and get BBC America, which has his hands down favorite news program. (Though the Today Show always gets a look-see, if only to see what Katie Couric, for whom he has an unspeakable crush on, is wearing.) But they weren't playing the news on BBC America yet. Argh! I outlined what was going on for him and that probably didn't make him feel better, as it sucks like a motherfucker, but at least he finally, finally knew what was going on.
So, we need a decent news source. And NPR is it, particularly for people who don't watch the news on BBC America. Now we have to watch them like a hawk to make sure that they aren't getting infiltrated by the right wing propaganda machine. Thank goodness Atrios is on it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh pity. boo hoo. Preach some more to the choir.

You know, you don't have to go on a rampage just because NPR has one rightwing reporter, that I've never even heard of. Big deal. So they have communist reporters crying about the downtrodden all day long and that's okay, but have one lousy fascist reporter and you think it's no longer "even handed?" Give me a break.

The whole point of even handed is that both sides present arguments.

NPR programs have quite a few liberal points of view, it's about time they get some facist crazy woman on there.

Oh, and Kerry was a horrible choice. I proudly didn't vote for that wanker. It's too bad the Democrats didn't have a real person of change like Dean on the ticket. You lost my vote when you shunned good old Dean telling it like it was. I couldn't believe his honesty. Man did I want to vote for him. A real leader. Well, at least I got to vote Libertarian again and not for some crazy psychopath from Texas, nor some slimy ketchup dude from MA.

Maybe this facist crazy woman will help NPR eventually even out to a more middle of the road reporting.

Good idea about only watching the BBC. Don't waste your time with those other TV channels. CNBC and C-Span might be the only other choices, and they don't really deal with news directly.

But NPR does "need this crap." It shows that they are more "even handed" than even before.

--Anonymous Said


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