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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

It's not my revolution if I can't dance to it

Feministing has an interesting post about humor's political value. Since the results of the political process can very serious indeed, is it right to have a humorous approach? And when female activists/writers/artists approach political issues with humor, particularly sexualized humor, does it devalue the importance of what they say?
Obviously, I am firmly on the side of having fun with politics. And while there is a danger that young women in politics won't be taken seriously if they don't act seriously, there is a greater danger that same young women won't be taken seriously if they can dismissed as humorless feminists.
Anyway, music and humor are great tools for getting young people to vote. I met up with some friends at Rock Against Bush show, and the place was packed. The kids were there to see NOFX, and I'm sure many of them didn't give a shit about politics. But I'm sure many of them were impressed with the importance of getting out and voting against Bush by the end of the show.
Humor and fun are more important than ever. Some of the stuff that BushCo does is so outrageous it's hard to get people even to pay attention when you address these issues seriously--they think you're just being paranoid. But dress it up and make it entertaining and people will pay attention to the message and feel more affectionate towards the messenger.


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