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Monday, October 18, 2004

The Eyeliners

Cheering up time after a Monday usually involves some gleeful pop punk, so The Eyeliners are the band tonight. Not only do they have a great name and are from the West like me, they are just really a notch above your average trite pop punk band. A couple years ago, they played SXSW and I dragged some friends to it and they had a blast.

From their site, you can see that they have a number of albums to check out, but I recommend also seeing them live if you get a chance. Their drummer Laura is also the singer, which is sort of like watching someone pull of a neat trick while also enjoying bouncy punk rock. The guitarist is firmly dedicated to Rocking Out and works the stage end to end. Plus, I have to say I admire their style--all over the top red hair and leopard print, something I am not unfamiliar with. (Though I have boring hair now.) Albuquerque is little better than El Paso, so I am bedazzled that anyone this much fun could come out of the city, and for that alone they deserve a spin.


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