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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Greg beat me to it

And much more succiently. I was going to post on this, but I just hadn't gotten around to it. Greg notices that Bush uses tort reform to "help" OB-GYN's in no small part to distract women from the fact that Bush and cronies full well intend to start passing laws restricting those doctors' rights to practice as they see fit--if they see fit to perform abortions or prescribe birth control, that is.

It's not just women that BushCo is reaching out to. A friend of mine works for a doctors' association and there are rumblings right now from doctors that are getting frustrated with this administration's willingness to pass laws restricting treatment just to score political points. Not only do doctors want to be able to prescribe birth control and perform abortions if necessary, they also would like to prescribe marijuana to patients who need it if necessary. Keeping doctors on board is becoming difficult for the Republicans, which is one reason they are hammering the tort reform thing.


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