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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Real men don't take crap from the U.N.

After that debate last night, it's becoming clear that the BushCo campaign strategy for the home stretch is to dump any and all attempts to reach out to a diverse audience and just ratchet up the cowboy thing as far as it will go--"Well, little lady, I don't know much about that fancy European book larnin', but I know right from wrong. And wrong is bad men like Saddam and women who kill their own children." Yes, it's stupid, but it's worked before and we are still danger that it will work again.

It was clear to me last night early on that they've decided to quit pretending the Shrub knows jack about nuance and play up his unwillingness to see anything but black and white when he made fun of the U.N., well for existing I guess. In Bush's world, he's the lone sheriff facing down a dithering, cowardly city council that doesn't understand that black hats and white hats don't do things like diplomacy. Anything but shooting the bastard dead is just time-wasting appeasement.

Believe me, we got a full load of his crap when he was governor of Texas, especially when it came to the people sitting on death row. No matter how much evidence was piled in front of him that someone might not be guilty of the crime they were being executed for, his attitude was basically, "So what? Bad guys are bad guys." Sure, they may not be guilty of that exact crime, but hell they were probably guilty of something. So, who cares? (Sadly, that's a common enough argument around Texas when it comes to the death penalty--they're probably guilty of something, so why bother?)

How many people are suckered in by this crap? No telling, but I have a funny feeling it's less every day. After all that cowboy posturing, Bush then firmly denied that they would ever start a draft, a proposition that is impossible to believe considering the worldview he's sticking to. After all, if right is right and wrong is wrong, then there's no good reason not to send your children to die for the side of right. After all, right is right is right. And I think that attitude is scaring people. Finally.


Blogger Carmen said...

He definitely has something against Europe, doesn't he? He also seems to think it's in Kyoto.


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