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Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday random ten

Courtesy of Rox Populi. This week's is apparently fucked-up titles week.

1) Hard Time Killing Floor Blues--The Soggy Bottom Boys
2) Besame Mucho--Esquivel
3) The Irrationality of Rationality--NOFX
4) Chicks and Dicks--Junior Senior
5) Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Round--Dead Kennedys
6) Rumors--Eternity's Children
7) (We Are) The Road Crew--Motorhead
8) Fighting in a Sack--The Shins
9) 200 Million Sperm--Bill Hicks (comedy clip)
10) Allons Dans Les Bois--Nicole Paquin

Disclaimer: According the Surgeon General, it is unwise to take any music recommendations from the staff of Mouse Words. Listening to lounge music, ass-crunching punk rock, and French girlie garage pop in one sitting is known to cause headaches. Proceed at your own risk.


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