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Friday, October 15, 2004

Jon Stewart bend Tucker Carlson over his knee and spanks him

This is just awesome. The best part might be that Carlson tries to give Jon Stewart a guilt trip about his politics, and he actually thinks that Stewart is stupid enough to fall for that trick. He's not an idiot like the rest of the media mavens who've allowed fake guilt trips trick them into becoming administration shills, Tucker so give it up. "The Daily Show" is not obliged to become conservative propagandists in order to achieve "balance". For one thing, that would mean their show wouldn't be funny anymore, and that would be a real shame. You're just jealous because they get to report the actual news because they aren't afraid of getting on the Shrub's bad side.

That is probably the best part. But it might also be the part where Carlson whines over and over that Stewart isn't being funny or entertaining enough while the audience is laughing at everything Stewart says.


Blogger Lanoire said...

How sad is it when a "fake" journalist and comedian like Jon Stewart is better than all our "real" journalists combined?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most telling line of the show didn't make the transcript. Right at the end, after "have a great weekend", one of the hosts said, "That went great!" Stewart had just reamed them continuously and convincingly through the whole show for harming America through their partisan hackery and they were happy about it because it made good television!


Blogger Adam said...

Actually, it was Stewart himself that said "that went GREAT!"


Blogger Hoodia said...

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