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Thursday, November 18, 2004

And let this be the final word

Here's a good editorial about the bullshit controversy over a slighty racy intro to Monday Night Football that sounds weak compared to most of the racy stuff you see on TV. Don't kid yourself. This is about race.

I'm deeply amused by the disingenous nature of the complaints. People are offended by the mere implication of an inter-racial sexual relationship, and they want to complain. But they know that it's racist so they protest not the inter-racial part, but the sexual part, which wouldn't offend them if it weren't the inter-racial part. There's not really a non-racist way to register a racist complaint, idiots, so quit trying.


Blogger Roxanne said...

I didn't see the towel dropping thing until they showed it on CNN yesterday. When I heard about it on the news on Tuesday and the complaints people were making I thought she was NAKED on TV. I keep thinking, "But, they just showed her back ..."


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