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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Echidne's quiz

It's cute, so I thought I'd post it on my blog, too.

1. Who is your favorite wingnut in the media? Whom do you love to despise? Why?

Ann Coulter. She has put a valiant effort forward in being the scariest wingnut. For her efforts, she has developed man hands and an Adam's apple, which she seems confident must have made her an honorary man, because she has taken to repeatedly calling for a repeal of women's right to vote.

2. Based on your experience, which places are bad ideas for some sweet sex?

I don't have any experiences I can think of right offhand, but I'm guessing anywhere that Cosmo recommends is likely to turn into a nightmare.

3. Why should Echidneism be the state religion of the United States? Any disadvantages to this proposition?

As a mouse, I have a fear of snakes that far outstrips any two-bit fear of God that Christians proclaim. The downside might be unchecked snake power. The upside would be that the story about Eve, the snake, and the apple would have a far more pleasing interpretation than the one currently in favor.


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