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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A couple of things

I got an email from the Kerry campaign, who is organizing a petition to get Rumsfeld fired. Sign here. You know you want to.

August Pollak is amazed that an anti-abortion group is blaming the Social Security "crisis" on women who have abortions. Once again, if you the argument that they are trying to "save babies" for its own sake, you will be hopelessly confused. If you remember that the main thing that they want is to return women to a submissive state, then the argument makes sense. As I said with the David Brooks article a couple days ago, it's new wine in old bottles. The right's arguments that they are hanging on this are pretty much just rehashes of the old argument that if white women don't start making more babies, the world will fall to pieces and your daughter will marry a black man. It's an interesting way for the "populist" right to support dismantling Social Security while avoiding the consequences (starving old people) for their actions--in the end, they'll just blame women and immigrants.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your link to the petition is messed up. :(



Blogger Amanda said...



Blogger Jo said...

I once had a nursing instructor who blamed the nursing shortage on abortion. "We've killed a third of our population since 1973" she snipped once, during class. It's a convenient way to avoid the real, difficult problems that face nursing--or Social Security--and to avoid placing blame where it belongs: on corporations that want to maximize profits at the expense of workers (nursing) or on a government too enamored with its own elite to watch out for regular citizens (SS).


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