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Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday night show recommendations

Where I go out Friday night and tell you where, for no particular reason. Early edition, since we made our plans a few days ago.

Tonight at Beerland, just like last week we'll be there for Mr. Lewis and the Funeral Five doing a happy hour show, though they are going to hit the stage around 8:30. Last week there were a lot of people there, and this week I hope there's even more because I'm dragging a bunch of friends there to see them. The closing band is a really fun band called the Trangressors, who are just over the top enough that one of the guitarists can get away with wearing sunglasses on stage. Their sound is hard to pin down--one minute they sound like The Jam, the next like a garage band, and next they are doing something rockabilly-flavored. And that's why I like them.

That's all I got for you tonight. But that's the only place to be tonight, so that works out well.


Blogger Norbizness said...

Strangely enough, I may make an honest-to-god full-on half-assed attempt to show up; I know how tricky those multiple sets are with regard to starting times.

Houston Astros cap, confused expression, ratty beard.


Blogger Amanda said...

Well, they started around 9:00 last week. For what it's worth, Beerland is the most consistent place downtown. The members of Mr. Lewis aren't a bunch of scruffy young'uns, so they know to show up on time. Well, no scruffier or young'un-ier than I am.



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