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Saturday, January 08, 2005

If you're as hopping mad as I am

Here's the forum to find out about "The Real World" in Austin and perhaps plan some mischief. Looks like they've found out where the house is gonna be and it's within walking distance of 6th street! 302 San Jac, though it's still unofficial. Perfect for putting away some liquid courage and then moseying down there to put those eggs you brought down with you to use. Alas, it's also in a neighborhood where there are cops a-plenty, so watch out for that.

Edited to say: Reading the posts from people who love this city and like the show, I felt like a real grump-head. Until I read this:

magnolia cafe and kirby lane....... they'll be on red river a lot i'm sure

They were discussing places they think/hope the cast will visit. Red River is the offshoot of 6th Street that is mostly bars that cater to punk and indie rock fans. Since I practically live there, I can say that they'd better not go to Red River. Unless they want a cast member to be beaned with a beer can. Which, knowing the sadism of reality show producers, they probably do.

Reading these posts, I had disturbing realization. I will probably watch this stupid show. I won't be able to stop myself. Regardless of the dumbasses on camera, it is a narcisstic pleasure to see all the places I like and loathe around town on camera. Even in the lame montages of the host city they have on the show. "Look! The pink Capitol building! The shops on South Lamar! 6th Street! Barton Springs! Leslie standing in a bank parking lot wearing nothing but a thong and some jingle bells!" It's pretty hard to resist.


Blogger Roxanne said...

I predict they will "produce" something for SXSW as their special project.


Blogger Amanda said...

That's the rumor. Which means their sorry asses will probably be at Emo's when I'm there. I am of two minds of this--the angry part and the morbid curiousity part.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll defintely be spilling my beer on the guys Ambercrombie shirts and stepping on the gals strappy shoes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand- I wanted to watch "Sorority Life" because I live in Davis, even though I could care less about sororities. My cousin and I tried to get on camera, too. Sheesh.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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