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Monday, June 21, 2004

Is there a reason Ray Bradbury is criticizing Michael Moore?

Well, besides the usual interpetation, that's he's being a creep. I got a call from a relative yesterday who is big time into movies and we got to talking about this. He said that rumor has it that Mel Gibson owns the rights to make a film out of Fahrenheit 451. Since Gibson is the current Hollywood darling of the right, there might be some worry about having his name attached to an upcoming film that has a title that sounds like the title of a movie that the right is trying desperately to discredit.
Well, a quick Google search confirmed it--Mel Gibson and Ray Bradbury were working on a film version of Fahrenheit 451 together.

We're doing The Martian Chronicles over. It was done as a series 20 years ago by NBC. It wasn't bad. But it was boring. Really boring. And they had a lot of good people, but it was a disappointment. So now, Frank Darabont is going to write and direct a new version. And he's a very fine writer and director, [of] Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. And also, his second project is Fahrenheit 451, which he's taking over from Mel Gibson.
Mel Gibson was supposed to direct it five years ago, but he's let five years go by, and written 10 screenplays on Fahrenheit.

And, as we all know, if Mel Gibson was able to kick the script around for that long, he must have the film rights to it. And while they've switched directors around, Gibson's name is still being kicked around the gossip mill in association with it. And, weirdly, it's connected to Moore's film, too.
I have no idea what all this means, but I do know that there is probably alot more to this story than Bradbury being grumpy. Gibson has his finances in both films and a political reputation on the right he is probably wishing to cultivate further so that he can turn that built-in audience for The Passion into a long-term built-in audience. And Bradbury is pissy with Gibson for spending a decade or more in development hell with his novel. The motivations for talking shit or encouraging others to talk shit are all over the place.


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