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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Cut and run vs stand and fight

Rox Populi addresses the big question--if Bush gets the Oval Office, either by getting democratically elected in a fair election (unlikely in my opinion) or by rigging it again somehow (keep your eye on the bouncing ball, my friends), what do the good liberals of this country do?
It's quite the fashion to claim you're moving to Canada. For awhile during the Iraqi war, I got the Canadian immigration webpage in my email a few times as a joke. More seriously, there have been discussions about what to do if it really gets serious and there is reason to believe that trouble is in your future for your political beliefs. I know it's a little paranoid, but.....
This election has the potential to turn very ugly. Make no mistake; if there is even a chance of a close vote in a swing state, the Freepers will release the neo-fascist thugs again. Last time they managed to shut down the recount in Florida in some districts under threat of violence. And that was just with residual Clinton resentment firing them up. This time, they have the war, terrorism, the culture war, and outright hatred of war protesters to fire them up. On top of it, the Republican convention is likely to be a disaster. Over a million protesters are expected; the Freepers will be burning up over that. The question isn't petulant pouting. There is real danger lurking. It may blow up, it may not. And knowing what pathetic political sops BushCo is composed of, they will start trying to covertly kiss neo-fascist ass at best if this happens. And that's at best.
If the worst happens, what will I do--cut and run or stand and fight?
Fuck them. I'm staying. The fuckers didn't drive me out of Texas, and they sure as hell can't drive me out of the country. Where would I go, anyway? I'm an American and a Texan and I like it that way. It's my flag, too, you know.
Anyway, I have a lot of great black clothes. I'm atheist and I can smoke quite beautifully, though I generally refrain. I'm ready to start my own branch of the Resistance, if need be. Hey, you gotta have your fun even if the shit is hitting the fan.


Blogger Eric V said...

The problem with starting a Resistance is that the wingnuts ,
rightards and assorted freepers are the ones with the guns.


Blogger Amanda said...

Remember, there are more guns than people in this country. If it really came down to it, I doubt that one side would have an arms advantage.*

*I am not actually proposing taking up arms. So far, we are having great results with looking sullen, being sardonic, and having better sex. I feel that we can win simply by escalating these efforts.


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