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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Texas moves ahead of Oklahoma in the crazy race

A Texas state trooper, taking his duty to make all Texans look ignorant and crazy very seriously, got himself into trouble by telling the wrong kissing couple that homosexual "conduct" was illegal in Texas. Turns out one of the kissing men is a philosophy professor who graduated from UT, and he explained to the officer that Lawrence v. Texas made it illegal to discriminate against him this way.

Well no doubt the trooper, taking the President's strong words against those activist judges who actively got the President his job, decided that Lawrence didn't actually apply, so he returned with two more officers to tell the couple to get their kissy faces off the Capitol grounds. All well and good--who says that state troopers have to do what the Supreme Court says anyway? Well, it would be okay if it had ever been illegal in the first place to kiss someone of your same sex.

UT criminal law professor Robert Dawson said although antisodomy laws once existed in Texas, these never included kissing. He added that the troopers needed to "learn the law," a sentiment echoed by Corvino.

Maybe if there was tongue, the officers can argue that it was mouth sodomy. Or maybe after the Supreme Court declares it's legal to have the 10 commandments on the Capitol grounds, the officer can claim he thought that was the law and he was just enforcing it. After all, isn't the 7th commandment, "Thou shalt not be a homosexual"?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's a Texas State Trooper doing in Texas in the first place? Shouldn't they all be out hunting Democrats in Oklahoma or New Mexico? Poor DeLay gets just a few reprimands from the House Ethics Committee and Texas loses sight of their priorities.


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