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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Godly people are smooth down there, like Barbie and Ken

Between this story, this story, and this story, I am beginning to question the very sanity of the sex-is-filthy crowd. I mean, do they think that if they just deny that human beings have genitals long and hard enough, those genitals will just disappear? The irony of all this is that the same groups that send out the emails and protests in a panic that a child might know what a nude body looks like are the very same groups that make up the marching troops of the Gender Police. (Thanks, Mary Garth.) I mean, if you're that invested in making sure that kids know that boys and girls are Different, how can you be against pictures and statues where the all-holy difference is unmistakable?

I was going to write a little fake news story about a group called People Protecting the Purity of Children that is calling for mandatory C-sections to prevent innocent babies from seeing vaginas, but at this point I don't know if you could even call that for satire.


Blogger Anne said...

I love knowing that even merely the Latin name of part of my body conjures up such sinful horror that it has to be censored, don't you? It really makes me want to become a Christian, and stop having premarital sex, sacrificing goats, etc.


Blogger Amanda said...

One of my best friends has this blown up to poster size and she framed it. I fully support the message of this cartoon.


Blogger Diane said...

The Washington Post story is disgusting. It boggles my mind to think that there are still men who believe that only sons can carry on the family business, and that there are still so many idiot women who marry them.

Even "liberal" men are embarrassed to say "vagina" and when they do say it, half the time they are talking about "clitoris" or "vulva" and apparently don't know the difference. Of course, I remember a time when no one said "penis" either.

I think you should go for the story on People Protecting the Purity of Children--it's never too early to prevent someone from seeing a vagina.


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