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Thursday, February 17, 2005

The insanity continues

So, let me get this straight. Bush barely won an election in no small part because his campaigners ran around the country telling people that if they don't vote for Bush, dudes will be kissing each other right in front of them in church. And now that he's back in office with a mandate to stop gays from marrying each other, he's tossing that out the window and instead working on his true love--empire building. Also, dismantling a century's worth so social services that made this country great, because it's making the poor too uppity. The lives of millions of Iraqi citizens and probably people all over the Middle East are at stake, as are the lives of millions of young Americans who will have to go over there to put the lives of Middle Easterners in danger to control them. Back home, the lives of all of us who aren't going to retire rich are at stake, and if Bush gets away with destroying Social Security, all sorts of other havoc will ensue. Entire cities in this country are built around public services. For instance, Austin is built around UT and if the anti-government nuts destroy the university, the city's economy will go with it.

Empire building, killing, and ruining lives is a pretty difficult thing to get past the American people. What's a President to do? I know, let's find an ass-licking toady to sit in with the White House press corps and ask ass-licking questions to while away our time that might otherwise be spent exposing our evil plans to the people who could stop us! Great idea, Karl! But who.....?

They found themselves a gay prostitute to do the dirty work. I'm sure there's a reason they didn't go with anyone else, but that's not the point. Why is anyone on the left wringing their hands over the politics of outing the guy? Bush would love nothing better than to put his family and party in charge of an empire while you and I spend our retirement eating fucking dog food, and he's getting away with it, in no small part because his willingness to pay lip service to homophobia is making people think he's a godly man. What's the issue here? BushCo is hoping that our better natures keep us from exposing their facades to voters they intend to impoverish with one hand while thumping a gay strawman with a Bible with the other hand. If we can't get people to see that they are going to be really sorry for voting for him due to walletbook and dog food issues, then I don't see why not show them that even the homophobia they voted for was a sham.

I cannot work up a modicum of worry for this Gannon asshole. I see no point in letting him denounce other gay people from the safety of his closet while helping the administration spread war and poverty across the planet. I for one am cheering on those who are digging into this and announcing every piece of dirt they find. Go for it, people, and let's hope it makes a difference.

And that's a wrap! Rant over.


Blogger zuzu said...

Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd both have columns addressing JimJeff. The real issue is the access, not the gay hooking. So of course the wingnuts are screaming that the left is discriminating against gays and digging into his "personal" life (which took all of a few minutes to discover using Google).


Blogger Earnest said...

Hola. This is an idea I've been thinking about for a couple days now, and I've posted a response on my blog.


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